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Video marketing: which variables have more impact on your campaign?


You designed your funnel, chose the perfect videos for each stage and added your message and brand. At this point, if you just wait for the end of your online campaign to take place, you won’t have fully unlocked the potential of your content.

Video performance is unpredictable. It is influenced by many factors that are out of your control (we went through this topic in a recent post). Nevertheless, you can run tests to see how your target audience reacts to different videos, then allocate your budget accordingly.

A/B tests can help validate your marketing decisions when they are correct and to make adjustments when they are not.

The method is very reliable, provided that the elements you compare are clearly defined. You also must be able to evaluate the direct results of each single change you make.

Here are the variables we suggest you to test during your video marketing campaigns.

Concepts and creative variations

You can compare videos with completely different creative ideas, or test different variation of the same creative idea: which one is the most engaging and effective?

Video length

Experiment with different video cuts: which one retains your audience the most?


Try to change the speaker’s voice: do the viewers prefer a reassuring male speech or a feminine and lively tone?

Branding and covers

Which logo position enhances the brand awareness? Is the message more straightforward when placed at the beginning of the video or at the end? Which version of the copy reaches your goals and is easier to remember?

Remember to change just one variable at a time!

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