4 good reasons to commit to independent video projects


Saying no to commissioned video work is a luxury most videomakers can’t afford. Accepting not-so-appealing projects can help find a balance between your monthly income, your career, and your general workload.

However, giving priority to your personal projects might be a smart move, not only because it tickles your ambition.

Here are 4 good reasons to focus your efforts on independent videos.

1. You don’t have to deal with clients that are not on the same page as you

A new client is an exciting challenge, but also a gamble. Your contact persons might not share your vision. They might have little experience in video production, or speak a foreign language. If their company is very structured, you might need to go through a long cycle of revisions and approvals. In all of these cases, you risk wasting a lot of time in negotiations, fine tunings and reworks. Try to understand if it’s worth the hassle.

2. You’re free to decide how much time and resources to devote

You can finish your video within a wider timeframe, working on other projects in the meanwhile, or you can try to close it and sell it as quickly as possible. In other words, you have the freedom to choose your opportunity cost. Deciding which projects to turn down, how much money to spend for production and how much you will earn is completely up to you.

3. You have an opportunity for professional growth

Managing all the creative, technical, economic, and organizational aspects of a video project allows you to grow both as a videomaker and as an entrepreneur. For example, you can practice a technique you love or learn a new one; in the meanwhile, you will need to learn how to read market trends, understand which type of projects are more saleable and promote them by selecting the most profitable sales channels.

4. You open up to new earnings potential

With a little organization, you can manage commission work and independent projects in parallel. Use part of your income to finance yourself and try to scale your production process to reduce shoot times and costs. Then sell your videos online and monetize your work: through platforms like Mosaicoon you can showcase your talent and leverage tools to maximize the chances to sell.

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