How to design an effective video marketing funnel

How to design an effective video marketing funnel


90% of consumers say that videos are influential in the decision process. Video marketing is proven to be one of the most powerful strategies to sell products and services.

Before making a purchase decision, consumers need to be aware of the options available on the market and to evaluate pros and cons.

The three moments of awareness, consideration and decision are mapped in the marketing funnel.

How to design an effective video marketing funnel

It is a real journey, during which consumers will have different needs to fulfill and will interact with your brand in different ways.

To persuade them to buy,  you will have to choose the right video for each of these stages.

Here’s how.

The 3 stages of the video marketing funnel

#1. Awareness

This is the start of the journey. Your future clients are becoming aware of an issue they need to solve, or they are realizing they have a rational or aspirational need.

Try to identify the challenges they’re facing and understand how they describe them. Forecast the risks into which they might incur and interpret their feelings.

At this stage, you need to get in touch with the users and show that you know what they need. Create an emotional connection; it’s still too early to sell your solution.

Video for the Awareness stage: Always Beside Me by Intesa SanPaolo

The need: being able to make quick and secure payments online, especially in busy days

#2. Consideration

At this point, your prospects are actively looking for solutions to the problem they’d identified in the awareness stage.

Your goal is to make your solution stand out and make sure it is perceived as the best possible option. To do this, you need to analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and highlight a distinctive element that creates value for your target audience.

It’s not a question of describing your offer in detail. You’d rather make a promise or convey a message that encourages the users and informs their decision. Also in this phase, the emotional factor is crucial.

Video for the Consideration stage: More Elements, Better Performance by Huawei

The promise: the two camera sensors allow to make stunning photos

#3. Conversion

Here we go: your potential clients are about to decide which product or service they will buy.

To close the sale, build trust. Choose videos that are consistent with the ones you previously used, reassuring the users that your company will fully understand their needs and give them what they want.

Prevent any doubts or objections, then solve them using the video’s message. Communicate the details of your offer in a confident and reliable way.

Video for the Conversion stage: On The Road by Fastweb

The message: a reliable mobile connection gives the same sense of freedom as a trip on the road. No hidden fees, no binding contractual obligations


To best demonstrate the type of videos that are effective at different stages of the marketing funnel, we chose 3 samples of branded content in which the promoted product/service is not intrusive. They are all optimized for online distribution, especially for social networks.

Since the focus is shifted towards the creative concept and the message, the video integrates seamlessly into the user’s experience and is thus perceived less as advertising and more as entertainment.

The benefits of this approach are backed by data: as the video performance increases, production time and costs decrease significantly.

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