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Most wanted videos for Spring/Summer 2018


“What type of videos are the most wanted on the market?”

The answer to such a simple question is actually very complex.

You can get a rough idea by sneaking a peek at the Trending video list on YouTube. The list, though, is updated every 15 minutes and is always changing. It only shows a limited number of results, thus it doesn’t provide a clear overall picture, also because it doesn’t distinguish between user-generated content, branded videos and other types of projects.
With this information, it’s hard to understand which video trends are really taking hold among marketers (that is, among your potential clients).

The same goes for Vimeo’s Staff Picks. Their team sure does have a strong creative and technical knowledge, but since the selection criterion is arbitrary it doesn’t give any clue to the actual video demand.

One of Mosaicoon’s main goals is to simplify the life of videomakers by opening new opportunities to earn money with videos. For this reason, we periodically collect information on the buyer’s preferences from the platform. This data is very useful for Creators, as they really help them understand what types of videos are most likely to sell.

2018 April/May Video Trends on Mosaicoon

  • Among the most searched video categories, Travel (14%), Fashion (11%) and Food & Drink  (10%) contents are the ones that stand out.
  • Buyers prefer videos with glamorous (33%) and exciting (32%) moods, followed by fun (12%) and sexy (10%) ones.
  • Tutorials and how-to videos are the genres with the highest percentage of searches (28%); Live Action (20%) videos rank second, while motion graphics videos (16%) took third place.
  • In the majority of searches by budget, 1000 Euros is the highest price value in the selected range.

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