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Make mobile ads that your audience will actually love


The smaller the ads, the higher the impact: according to a research from IPG Media Lab and Magna Global, mobile users perceive short vertical ads as more relevant, innovative and modern.

The results of this research suggest that certain mobile ad formats tend to be more favorable than others. 50% of respondents were able to recall brands from 15-second videos, proving that shorter ads can be quite effective when it comes to mobile.

It all depends on the way mobile ads are viewed. Users typically watch videos on their smartphones and tablets while doing something else; for this reason, reduced duration increases the chances that a video is seen until its completion.

The research also highlights that storytelling and educational videos are way more engaging than product-oriented ads: 58% of respondents state that branded content integrates seamlessly into their mobile experience, not interrupting it nor feeling annoying.

Among the things that consumers look for in mobile ads, products actually remain unmentioned: they’d rather appreciate snackable video entertainment, original stories and ads with values and messages to which they can relate.

Make mobile ads that your audience will actually love | Mosaicoon Blog

Another interesting insight is brought by Kara Manatt, svp, intelligence solutions and strategy at Magna Global: “The results of this research prove that mobile demands its own customized ad formats, rather than simply repurposed versions of existing assets that were developed and optimized for other platforms”.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Brands get higher credit for engaging ads that are natively designed for mobile (vertical format, enjoyable with sound off). Using repurposed content is proven to be a mistake.
  • If your goal is to increase the awareness of your brand and message, keep your video short.
  • Connect with your audience by telling a story they can relate to. Being original, surprising and innovative will pay off much more than showing off your product.

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