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How to recreate the retro look of VHS videos


While technology brings the quality of images to a stunning definition, videomakers and amateurs are falling back in love with the retro vibes of VHS videos from the eighties and the nineties.

There are many ways to recreate the vintage look of VHS recordings with post-production. It’s quite easy: you can buy (or even download for free) any kind of templates and plugins for After Effects or Premiere and give your footage that nostalgic and hipster flavor.

The secret to obtaining a realistic VHS effect using post-production is being fully aware of the visual characteristics of celluloid video footage. Finding and mastering tools and techniques comes after.

Let’s examine the elements that make VHS videos unique.

Horizontal white lines

They are a common glitch of videotapes, so much that they have become their distinctive trait. You can download accurate overlays and add them to your footage, but they won’t be very convincing if used alone.

Skewed and altered images

Images recorded on tape always have a certain degree of distortion or horizontal misalignment. You can obtain this effect using the displacement map and increasing or decreasing the displacement values. Also in this case, distortion alone won’t work. To achieve an authentic videotape look, you will have to find the right mix of effects. For example, you can add some gaussian blur to make your image less sharp.


You can easily find real captured VHS noise on the Internet. Take a look at Heavy VHS interference, Light VHS Bad Tracking, or at this template – they’re all free!

Color fringing

This is another classic feature of VHS video. As the VHS tapes age poorly, you can expect the colors to fringe a bit.

4:3 format

Last but not least, video ratio. A vintage video in 16:9 is quite unlikely! Download a 4:3 letterbox and include it in your timeline.

You’re now ready to create a video with a retro look! If you made an effective project, why don’t you try to sell it?
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