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How to make videos without actors and dialogue


Finding the right actors for a video is not an easy task. Casting auditions take time and effort, and performers with suitable characteristics might not always be available (or affordable). While good actors can turn a simple video into a fantastic project, a mediocre actor or one that isn’t a fit for the role might end up diminishing even the most amazing script.

Luckily, you don’t always need actors to make a great video. You can tell a story, convey a message and communicate an emotion even without recitation, through the creative use of objects.

Objects themselves are full of meaning. When we watch them, we instinctively link them to their use and to certain situations and moods.

A static shooting, a colorful background and overlay texts are often all it takes to bring a creative concept to life.

It sounds like by Just Marìa on Mosaicoon

To make this kind of videos visually intriguing, you need good photography skills and some familiarity with the Adobe Creative suite. Add a simple and short story, and a good voiceover, and you will be able to produce a great social video quickly and inexpensively.

Smart tip: add subtitles to your video so it can be viewed on social with the sound off.

If you’re good with motion graphics, you can mix your footage with illustrated elements and animated them to add rhythm to your story.

More complex techniques such as stop motion widen your range of narrative possibilities, paving the way to original and captivating effects.

For example, you can give life to objects and humanize them:

Moreover, you can creatively reinterpret successful formats such as tutorials or video-recipes:

The last video gives the idea of how a short video can be turned into branded content including customized animations at the beginning and/or at the end.

If you want to try monetizing your creative videos with no actors, Mosaicoon is the easiest and fastest way to do it!

Check out if your content is in-line with our video guidelines, then upload it and make it available for sale. It will be included in our catalog and might be purchased and distributed by international brands.

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