World Environment Day: 7 videos to reach your audience


Since 1974 the United Nations have been celebrating World Environment Day to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Every year on June 5, emerging issues like pollution, human overpopulation, global warming and sustainable consumption are brought to public attention by companies, organizations and associations from all over the world.

Universally felt causes such as those related to the environment provide a great communication opportunity. By advocating in a credible and authentic way, brands can cement consumers’ trust and get their message across through engaging content on an emotional level.

We picked 7 videos from the Mosaicoon catalog that can be easily turned into branded content for World Environment Day. They explore the connection between man and nature, and are designed for optimal performance on social networks.

Let yourself be inspired!

My Garden by Aldo Albanese


Connect to Nature by Buzz My Videos


From the mountain to the sea by Nicola Bozzo


Rare Earth by Alan Nogues

Different by Just Marìa

Biodynamic agriculture by Niccolò Natali


Into the flow by Alan Nogues


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