Ispirazione: come fare video con la tipografia animata

Inspiration: how to make videos with kinetic typography


In the last few years, animated typography (also referred to as kinetic typography) has increased its popularity. After decades of being relegated to the end credits of movies, moving type now has a cool starring role.

If you’re good with motion graphics, you can use the expressive potential of different combinations of typefaces to make a compelling video with kinetic typography.

Here are some inspiring examples to fuel your creativity.

In some cases, you only need to combine animated type with a voiceover and background music to tell an engaging story. In this video by John Reynolds, for example, typography animates the words of Steve Jobs’ famous Stanford commencement address in a unique way.

Other times you can choose a simple message and use motion graphics to catch the viewers’ attention. For example, I’m gonna make it better by Sebastian Bap uses a set of different fonts and typography styles to send a motivational message.

With kinetic typography you can also make a creative interpretation of video genres like instructionals and tutorials.

Some videomakers, such as Marcus Eckert, add some more complexity by mixing animated type with footage. The result has a completely different mood and is very appealing.

A similar technique is the one used by Sebastian Bap in EGO.

To approach kinetic typography in a simple way, you can use tools like Animography, a platform where you can buy animated type for your projects. They’re vector-based After Effect files; each letter inside a composition is animated. Animations can be simple or more complex. As with any standard font, you can write whatever you want and automatically obtain an animated text.

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