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3 simple ways to “wrap” your video and make it cool


You found a good creative idea for a video, but once it’s complete it is not as appealing as you’d thought. You watch it and just aren’t convinced, even if it perfectly conveys the message you wanted to communicate.

Has this ever happened to you?

In these cases, there’s often something wrong with the video’s aesthetics.

You can have the best concept ever, but if you don’t pack your video and “wrap” it right, the final result could be weak or look amateurish.

The equipment you’re using surely has an impact on your video. The good news is, you don’t need Spielberg’s tools to make content that catches the viewers’ attention and is visually appealing.

Here are 3 things you should do to increase the perceived quality of your video and make it more effective.

1. Shoot with a flat color profile

Filming with a flat color profile (eg. s-log or v-log) allows you to have a wider dynamic range to work on in post-production. In fact, this neutral profile includes much more color information that can be used during the color correction process. This way you can experiment with the chroma spectrum after the shooting, and you will be more at ease if a client asks to make color changes after the video is delivered.

2. Choose the right font

The font you use for overlay text can have a huge impact on your video, never underestimate it! To choose the right one, you should clearly define what type of reactions you want to invoke. Usually, Serif fonts communicate importance, seriousness and elegance, while Sans Serif ones are more modern and give a sense of innovation and youth. That said, you should never generalize. Since each font has a unique style, you should spend some time experimenting with different solutions before finding the one that suits the mood of your video. What’s more important, avoid clichés. For example, don’t choose Papyrus just because your project is about ancient times, and don’t pick a Comic Sans if your video deals with children. Also, don’t overlook objective elements such as the legibility of characters, or how the position of text within the video’s frame impacts on the perception of your message.

3. Use music wisely

Choose a track that is consistent with the mood and message of your video, or leverage the contrast between the audio and the pictures to achieve creative or ironic effects. For example, you can pair a horror soundtrack with the scene of a romantic date.

Coordinate the rhythm of music with that of the video, and use accents and sound effects to emphasize key moments. Last but not least, give your video the closing it deserves and highlight it with music!

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