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3 camera tricks you’ll want to try out


Have you ever used camera tricks to make your videos more interesting?

Using unconventional techniques while shooting is probably one of the best ways to improve the perceived quality of a video. It also is one of the least expensive ways to do it!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next video project, consider playing with one or more of these 3 effects.

1. Fixed Camera on a Moving Target

If you saw Requiem for a Dream by Darren Aronofsky, you should remember this sequence:

In this case, the closeness to the performer conveys a sense of sickness and discomfort. But you can use the same technique for other purposes. For example, whenever you want the viewer to be included in a solitary moment of the subject, or when you want to show how facial expressions change depending on what happens in the background.

To achieve this, mount your camera to the waist or chest of the subject you want to film, with the lens facing them. When the subject moves, he or she remains stationary in the frame and the background changes.

If the subject doesn’t need to use their hands, you can also mount a Go-Pro or a small camera on a monopod and have him/her to hold it.

2. Freelensing (o Lens Whacking)

Watch this video:

Romance of the Light from James Miller on Vimeo.

Can you see how this effect shifts the focal point? To reproduce it, hand-hold the lens in front of the camera body, and while the camera is running shake it back and forth against the edge. With this movement, the light can sporadically leak causing a nice glowing effect.

Be careful when trying this technique, as the inner workings of your camera might be exposed to serious damage. For example, you should avoid using it in in the rain, or when it’s windy.

2. Shooting in reverse

Shooting in reverse means having the subject do the whole action in reverse while shooting it in real time. When the footage is played, it looks as though it was shot in the traditional way, but the frames will likely show something unexpected. For example, odd movements and cause-and-effect reactions.

This is a very inexpensive technique that only requires some preparation and can lead to surprising creative results, like in this video:

As we said, all of these camera tricks are unconventional, so they leave room for creativity. Take some time to experiment and see how you can use them to make your video stand out.

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