How music licensing works on Mosaicoon

Everything you need to know about music licensing


Videos that are sold through Mosaicoon have all the characteristics to become branded content. In other words, they can be used for marketing and communication purposes, both online (on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, for example) and offline (in physical points of sale, showrooms and corporate headquarters, during trade shows and events or on digital out-of-home advertising networks).

In a previous post we spoke about the licenses that a video must have to comply with copyright and intellectual property laws. Today we go deeper into the topic of music licensing on Mosaicoon: we will explain some basic aspects to know before uploading a video that contains music or sound effects.

Choosing the soundtrack for your video: original compositions VS stock music

When you make a video, you have two main options: you can add an original track, created by you or made upon commission, or you can purchase a licensed one from a stock music library.

If you’re the author of the track, then you’re free to use it as you wish. Otherwise, if it’s made by someone else or needs to be bought from a library, you will have to make sure to have a license that enables you to use it freely.

What type of license should you choose?

Before uploading a video to Mosaicoon, you need a music license that enables the buyer to use and distribute your content without constraints on:

  • Web & digital: websites, apps, social media, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, other video platforms, softwares, video games
  • Web advertising: ads displayed on promotional media slots, pre-roll ads
  • Corporate: corporate websites, events, pages or profiles on social media, slideshows, live presentations
  • In-Store: trade fairs, events, malls and shopping centres, physical points of sale and display devices (eg. interactive totems)

You don’t need to buy a license for exclusive use, as long as you choose a  license that covers the video’s distribution needs on offline and online channels, without geographical limitations and for unlimited time. Other users will thus be able to buy the same track.

This applies to both stock music and original compositions.

If you choose a track from a free music library such as Free Music Archive, you will be able to download it at no cost, but you will still need to be aware of the terms of the associated license. To sell videos on Mosaicoon, we suggest you to exclusively select licenses that can be used for commercial purposes. These allow use in other derivative work and don’t require attribution (in the case of Creative Commons licenses, we suggest you choose the CC0 type as it’s the safest and most flexible option. You can find more information here).

Other libraries like AudioJungle or PremiumBeat provide royalty-free music: this means you will only have to pay for the license once, then you will be free to use the track with no additional cost, provided that you follow the license guidelines.

Remember that your license will need to comply with the distribution options mentioned above, so make sure you buy the right one!

For example, if you buy music from PremiumBeat you should select a “Premium” license, while the most suitable one on AudioJungle is the “Music Broadcast & Film” license.

In this F.A.Q. you will find a list of royalty-free music libraries that you can use for your videos.

Going deeper into the topic

Mosaicoon’s Terms and Conditions include all the information needed to purchase and sell videos on the platform in compliance with copyright and intellectual property laws. We invite all users to accept them after having carefully read all details!

You can also find information on licenses and rights in our FAQs.