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How to go from ready videos to branded content


One of the main deterrents against a wider adoption of video marketing is the inefficiency of the video production process. To make a video, you usually need to activate a complex system that involves multiple players. Briefs, evaluation of creative proposals, pre-production meetings and internal approvals take a lot of time. Delivery of finished content can take months. If the final result doesn’t meet the expectations, you may also need to further extend the shooting or post-production phase.

Besides wasting time and resources, the traditional video production process is increasingly less compatible with social networks, in which real-time communication opportunities and snackable content are key to success.

For these reasons, Mosaicoon developed a technological solution that dramatically reduces production times and costs, allowing to reach marketing objectives without having to compromise on creativity.

The secret to success is to streamline the interaction between video sellers and buyers. To get a social-first video, briefs are no longer needed. On Mosaicoon, brands and agencies can browse a wide catalog of creative videos, uploaded by professional video makers and production houses from all over the world. To be published on the catalog, videos must follow the platform’s guidelines. This way, buyers always have the guarantee of choosing among original content that hasn’t been used for commercial purposes, sold or sponsored before.

All videos in the catalog are ready to be purchased and personalized: once buyers add videos to the cart, they can select multiple Branding Options choosing among a Front or Back Cover (graphics and texts added respectively at the beginning or at the end of the video) or a Logo Overlay (the brand’s logo displayed on one of the 4 corners of the video for its entire duration). These three options are always combinable and are included in the video’s price.

Buyers provide the files for branding, sellers take care of the editing and deliver the branded content within a very short timeframe.

It’s as simple and fast as it sounds!

Here are some examples.

Donna Moderna, one of the most popular magazines for women in Italy, had the goal of promoting its restyled website in a compelling way. The perfect content was already on Mosaicoon’s catalog: a video with a young woman doing her make up in a creative way in front of the camera. With the addition of an animated cover at the end of to the original video, the concept of the video was linked to the brand’s message (“ has a new look”).

Videomakers on Mosaicoon can also choose to offer additional production and post-production services (referred to as Custom Options): in this case, buyers can request changes to a video by adding cuts, subtitles and voiceover options to the cart.

This is the case of Fastweb. The leading Italian telco company chose a video from Mosaicoon’s catalog and added a set of Custom Options to the order. They bought a video cut and asked to replace the original English voiceover with a similar one in Italian. Moreover, they selected a back cover as a Branding Option to promote their new 4G mobile offer.

This was the original video…

… And this is the final content, branded and customized according to Fastweb’s order.

The process of customizing and branding videos on Mosaicoon is very simple and effective also for multi-country campaigns. The banking group Intesa Sanpaolo, for example, chose 6 different videos on the platform, selected suitable Custom Options to adapt them for distribution on social networks and branded them by adding front and back covers in the languages of the 9 countries they wanted to target. Their international campaign was set up and launched in record time.

This is one of the original videos chosen on Mosaicoon…

… and this is an adaptation for the Russian market, obtained through a cut, the replacement of the music track and the addition of animated covers in Russian.

The same video could be used also in the other target countries, just by translating the branded covers.

If you need social-first videos and you’d like to test a quick and efficient video marketing solution, subscribe to Mosaicoon now. You will get instant access to hundreds of creative videos, ready to be branded and available nowhere else.

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