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Snackable videos: how to ride the trend


“There is a definite trend toward small. If we can’t get big chunks of content through a limited ‘pipeline’ of brain cells, maybe we can get grains of sand through.”

– Mark W. Schoefer

Now more than ever, social is mobile. Data shows that about 60% of the time we spend on social media is through a mobile device*. That means we tend to consume information while doing something else –  anytime we’re standing in a line, waiting for an elevator or while on the train. And since these new habits are taking hold, our preference for videos among other types of social content shouldn’t be surprising. Our brains process images faster than text, and images in motion are the ones that catch our attention the most. That’s why videos are the fastest, most efficient, and most enjoyable way for people to consume the information.

For example, it is way easier to learn a new recipe, remember data or understand how something works with a video, rather than by reading text. And if that video is also short… bingo! That is perfect example of snackable content. It is bite-sized content that can be consumed quickly, is easily “digestible” and gives instant satisfaction.

Anatomy of snackable videos

To be “snackable” and to keep social media users glued to the screen, a video should have the following features:

> it must be short;

> it must engage with the viewers and stimulate shares on social networks (a simple rule to follow is the rule of reactions: we explained it in this post);

> it must be compelling, even with sound off;

> it must address a specific audience.

How videomakers and brands can exploit the trend

Snackable videos are very much in demand amongst brands for their digital communications. Mosaicoon’s technology is designed precisely to match the needs of those who want  to sell snackable videos with those who require social-first videos to empower their digital marketing strategy

Brands can register for free and access a large catalog of snackable videos, ready to be branded and distributed online. Video professionals, on the other hand, can create their free account and experience an innovative and effective way to make money with creative videos designed for social networks.

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*Source: Business Insider