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Why you should add subtitles to your videos


Brands increasingly need to communicate with wider audiences, using local idioms or languages like English or Spanish to extend the reach of their message beyond borders. As a consequence, the demand for multi-language content for use on social networks and other digital media is increasing, opening new business opportunities for video makers and video production houses.

Different from other types of content, videos can be adapted for international distribution quite easily. Besides translating overlay texts and editing them in post-production, adding subtitles to a video is the simplest, quickest and most versatile way to turn it into multi-language content.

There are different ways to use subtitles in a video.

If subtitles are inserted in the original video, they can either be in the native language or a different one. For example, if your video is in Korean, you could include English subtitles in order to make it viewable by users from multiple  countries.

If you’re planning to sell videos online through Mosaicoon, you can also offer to add or change subtitles on demand, as a paid post-production service, through the Add Subtitles Custom Option. This way, brands that buy your videos may ask you to add subtitles or replace existing ones with different languages.

This simple addition will increase the chances your video will sell. Not only because it will be much easier for buyers to reach an international audience, but also because the video will be accessible with sound off by social media users who may watch it on the go, or in places where low or no volume is required.

Moreover, subtitles make a video accessible to target audiences with special needs, like the hearing impaired.

The Add Subtitles option is a great way to extend the potential reach of videos already uploaded on Mosaicoon and make them easier to sell. You can add it by accessing your Project Dashboard and editing the details of your project.

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