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How to make extra earnings with video cuts


Amongst the strategies for selling videos online, the use of different cuts of the same video is one of the most inexpensive and effective.

It is inexpensive, because it allows you to fully take advantage of the commercial potential of long videos or unedited footage.

It is effective, because it enables the use of original content for different communication needs, adapting it to the specific characteristics of digital media.

Tips for repurposing videos using cuts

By cutting full-length and short films or raw footage, you can give new life to unused video projects.

Short videos are best-performers on social media, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put videos longer than 1 minute to use!

If you shot a very long video that tells a complex story, consider cutting the most interesting scenes and editing it creatively. You will make fresh, snackable content that is suitable for quick, on-the-go viewing. If the structure of the video allows you to do so, you could also make a web series, or different episodes on the same topic or on similar ones.

Documentaries, interviews and reports are also suitable for cuts and shuffles. Don’t think that doing so will devalue your original work, or make it worse or less important. The way people watch videos has evolved, and it’s quite normal that creative content and communications are adapting to the new digital lifestyle. You will only need to rethink the way you make videos, and redesign them giving each a different rhythm and highlighting their points of strength. Short length shouldn’t be a limit!

How Video Cuts work on Mosaicoon

If you plan to use Mosaicoon for selling videos online, you have two options: you can upload a video and try to sell it as-is, or you can add Video Cuts as an option for buyers.

Video Cuts are just one of the Custom Options a Creator can add to videos uploaded to Mosaicoon.

They bring two main benefits:

– they make a video “flexible”: buyers could like the original version (and length) of a video, but they could still request additional cuts for distribution purposes. For example, 7-second cuts are perfect for Instagram Stories, 15-second and 30-second ones can be used as pre-roll ads, 50-second cuts perform best on Facebook and YouTube.

– they open opportunities for extra-earnings: in some cases, buyers need cuts due to specific constraints in their media plan, so they will pay Creators the extra-price they’ve set for the Video Cuts option.

Start experimenting with video cuts and try to sell your projects on Mosaicoon now!

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