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Understanding video licensing on Mosaicoon


The topic of rights and licenses related to “intellectual goods” is very vast and complex, especially when the “goods” (creative videos, in our case) are used for commercial purposes, both online and offline. Those who work in the marketing and communications field deal with these matters very frequently.

This post explains how rights and licenses work with Mosaicoon, in order to give an overview to users who both buy and sell videos.

Rights and licenses from video upload to sale

On Mosaicoon, the responsibility for rights and licenses falls on all users.

When uploading a video to Mosaicoon, the Creators declare to own all the rights, licenses, consents and disclaimers necessary for the sale and distribution of that video on online and offline channels, and undertake to transfer them to Mosaicoon in the event of a sale.

These are just some of the guarantees that a Creator has to provide to users who buy his videos on Mosaicoon:
> waivers and authorizations by actors and other subjects that appear in videos for the full and free use of their personal data, image, voice etc.
> authorizations (if required) to shoot in specific locations
> licenses for the use of music and voiceovers; when purchasing from service providers such as audio libraries and professional voiceover archives, Creators must be aware of the license they are choosing
> licenses on stock images and video clips, fonts, and graphics

This is a list of frequent cases, but the number and type of rights and licenses to be provided actually depends on the specific characteristics of each single video, thus it usually varies from project to project.

Generally speaking, if a Creator is not able to authorize or grant all rights provided by Mosaicoon’s Terms and Conditions, he/she should avoid uploading the video to the platform.

This is a crucial step: without these measures, it would be impossible for a Buyer to buy a video directly from Mosaicoon and use it in a marketing campaign without potentially violating any laws on copyright.

Rights and licenses also play a key role during the video sale phase.

At this stage, the ball passes to users who buy the videos (companies, agencies or other intermediaries; referred to as Buyers). Buyers will need to purchase the suitable licenses to show and/or distribute the video online and offline. For this purpose, two types of License Options are available on the Mosaicoon platform: the Buyer can select them through the configuration wizard of products in the cart.

The license for distribution on digital channels (Full digital license) is always included in the price of the video. When Buyers need to use a video in physical locations and/or during events, they can select and purchase an additional In-store & field license.

Both the licenses are exclusive, meaning they grant the buyer permanent use of a video purchased through Mosaicoon on the specified mediums, whether the video is bought as-is or with any selected Custom Options.  The video will not be sold to any other user.

When a Buyer purchases new versions of a video (derived from an original content featured in the catalog), he will not own exclusive rights on the original video, that could still be purchased by other users, but only on the new version derived from it.

Going deeper into the topic

The Mosaicoon Terms and Conditions include all the information needed to purchase and sell videos on the platform in compliance with copyright and intellectual property laws. We invite all users to accept them after having carefully read all details!

You can also find information on licenses and rights in our FAQs.