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How to create the vertigo effect without a zoom


The vertigo effect, also known as a dolly zoom, is an amazing visual effect which adds drama or a sense of estrangement to a scene. It can be achieved by zooming in on the subject, while the camera itself is physically moved away from it, or vice versa. You usually get the best results by placing the subject in the center of the frame. This way, while the subject remains the same size, the background moves away conveying a feeling of tension.

How to create the vertigo effect without a zoom | Mosaicoon Lab

This effect takes its name from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, whose title referred to the sense of vertigo of the protagonist, suffering from acrophobia.

It surely is a fascinating technique, but it is also a very complex one: you need to be able to move the camera, use the zoom and simultaneously try to keep your subject in focus.

Nevertheless, there is a trick to get the same effect in post-production, as explained by UglyMcGregor in a video tutorial on his YouTube channel.

To create the vertigo effect in post-production you will need a high-resolution camera that shoots in 4K. In fact, a 1080p file won’t work, as you will need to change the size of the frame during the editing phase. As McGregor suggests, make sure your subject is in the center of the frame while you bring the camera closer or move it away.

The dolly zoom is just one of the visual effects that you can add to your video. Through simple and effective tricks like this, you can enhance the power of the content you upload on Mosaicoon, so selling them will be easier.

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