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Make new videos with what you already have


For video makers, selling videos online is a great way to fuel their creativity and open new monetization opportunities, aside from commission work. However, the production phase can be expensive and complex, especially if it involves new shooting sessions, actors and/or finding a location.

The good news is, you can make new videos using what is already at your disposal: this way you will save time, resources and quickly produce new content that is easy to sell.

You can either retrieve ready videos from your archive or use your animation and motion graphics skills. Creativity, lateral thinking and a sharp focus on what performs best on social networks will help you achieve good results and increase your chances to make money.

Here are some useful tips.

Idea #1: creatively repurpose existing footage

If you’re passionate about shooting video, you’re likely to have recorded significant moments and events with your camera, both in your spare time and at work. You could have footage including people that laugh, running or playing outdoors. Or, you could have shot clips of beautiful landscapes. In both cases, you can produce a video about a specific and interesting topic with just a little editing and post-production: adding music, overlay texts and animations. For example, you could show how a certain season affects the people’s mood, or communicate concepts related to events or holidays that brands could leverage to engage with their audience: such as the International Day of Friendship.

Make sure you always have all the licenses needed to sell the videos, including those related to music and actors.

Sometimes you just need to work on the length of a video to make it more effective. If you’ve produced a documentary while traveling, you might have some resistance editing parts of the story that have moved you in the first place. However, short videos are the most engaging ones for users on social media, thus they can be easily chosen by brands for their digital communication.

Don’t underestimate the impact of this type of content. Practicing your ability to summarize is a good exercise that could open new creative processes and new opportunities to earn money with videos.

Idea #2: make the most of your motion graphics skills

Are you a good motion designer? Mix graphics and animations with a simple and straightforward creative idea. Create social-first content.

Parrot Swing di Roberto Rejamand Mr. Bezier su Mosaicoon

Video infographics are trending now. If you choose a topic that is interesting for a specific audience segment, brands will be likely to choose your content and sponsor it.

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