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How to take advantage of sound effects to produce creative videos


Whether they’re artificially created or recorded live, sound effects can help stress a concept, emphasize your story (or parts of it) and even develop a creative idea without using dialogue or music.

For example, take the roar of an engine, the sizzle of oil in a pan, the sound of steps or a ringing bell. Or even an artificial noise used to highlight a camera movement, the action of characters or the motion of objects and other environmental elements. Each of these sounds brings a wealth of suggestions and meanings, which can become an integral part of the video’s plot and enrich its vision.

Sound effects can go with dialogue or music to create a certain atmosphere and bring the viewers to the heart of the story.

How I Perceive It by Eskild Krogh on Vimeo

In other cases, they can even replace them, becoming even more crucial from a creative point of view

Sound by Piera Morelli on Vimeo

It Sounds Like by Just Marìa on Mosaicoon

How It Sounds by Daitona on Mosaicoon

Pure Satisfaction by Tanello Production on Mosaicoon

You can self-produce sound effects by recording sounds and ambient noises. If you do, you will have a great benefit, apart from the creative input: in fact, you won’t have to get any license (which on the contrary is fundamental when you add music and/or voiceover tracks taken from digital libraries or other sources to your video).

This is something to keep in mind when looking for new ideas to produce and sell videos online – maybe through Mosaicoon!

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