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Making money with social-first  documentaries


In video marketing, authenticity is, more than ever, the key to reaching consumers and keeping them glued to the screen. This is proven by data and confirmed by our daily experience on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. We enjoy watching branded video content on the Internet, as long as they “don’t’ feel like advertising” and represent reality in an authentic way. For this reason, videomakers should produce and monetize documentaries. Brands are increasingly looking for content with a genuine mood and real stories to create a connection with their target users.

To work well on social media, documentaries should be shorter than the average and enjoyable without volume (add subtitles and overlay texts to the video, and it will still be effective).

On Mosaicoon, Creators are already uploading documentaries designed for social media, that can be sold to brands for their online communication.

We handpicked some of them from our catalog to inspire you. While being very different from one another, they have a strong point in common. In fact, they transmit values and universal messages to which brands can connect


Traditional Job by Pungh Minh on Mosaicoon

Tech Sensation by Michelangelo Torres on Mosaicoon

Travel and Be Free by Sylvain Elfassy on Mosaicoon

What does ___ mean to you? by Francesca Nobili on Mosaicoon

“Never give up” by Nicolas Vaporidis on Mosaicoon

Simple surf life by Alejandro Berger on Mosaicoon


Did you make a documentary that meets Mosaicoon’s video guidelines?
Upload it to the platform now and try to monetize it!

It will be easier if you follow these suggestions:
– add Custom Options related to subtitles and texts, so that the video can be distributed in different countries and watched with sound-off; if you can, include overlay text in English in the video you’re uploading, so that the message you want to communicate is understandable to a larger group of buyers;
– if your documentary is long, add Video Cuts as an optional post-production service.

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