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How to make a video that brands want to sponsor on Mother’s Day


Mother’s day is an occasion for many businesses to connect with their followers and their target audience on social networks. If your goal is to monetize videos online, you can seize the opportunity to produce themed content and sell it through Mosaicoon.
Chances are that brands decide to purchase your video during this period: moreover, if your content is versatile enough, it will be interesting for companies from different industries and will also be suitable for other occasions.

Here are some ideas for producing an effective video that tells a compelling story about moms, feasible in a short time and (if needed) with a low budget.

#1 /  About my mother

This is probably one of the easiest types of videos to make: sons and daughters of different ages express what they feel for their mothers in front of a camera.

Photography, music and setting contribute to making the content more catchy and engaging.

How to make a video that brands want to sponsor on Mother’s Day | Mosaicoon Lab

Thank You Mom by Michael Marantz on Vimeo


The feeling, in this case, is gratitude. As an alternative, you could open the video with a direct question that is even more specific and perhaps unusual, and then show the interviewees’ answers.

#2 / From the son’s point of view

You can still deal with the same topic, but approach it from a different perspective – that is, speaking about mothers by telling what it means to be a son.

How to make a video that brands want to sponsor on Mother’s Day | Mosaicoon Lab

Mother’s Day by Wieden+Kennedy for Delta Airlines on Vimeo

The mood here is emotional: the lens captures from above gestures and messages of affection left by a mother to her child, who finds a way to reciprocate. A variation could be filming the same gesture made by different mothers, each one with her own style. You could also show how the attention of a mother changes as the child grows and becomes an adult, or choose an ironic tone of voice.

#3: Facts and figures about moms

Video infographics can be a fun way to tell interesting or curious facts about a mother’s life. The video below is longer than we’d suggest: we advise to produce content that’s shorter than 1 minute, in order to keep the production and editing process quick and lean.

The Value of a Mom by Steelehouse Productions on Vimeo

#4 / Immortalize the moment

The focus here is on a moment shared by a mother and her child. In the following videos, the protagonists are young mothers with their children, but you could also imagine different situations with characters of different ages. This idea can be conveyed using footage or motion graphics.

Happy Mother’s Day by Schmeeds on Vimeo

Happy Mother’s Day by Phil Borst on Vimeo


Is your brain already at work? Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to these recommendations: if you have a different idea that respects Mosaicoon guidelines, let your creativity run free! Make your video and upload it to the platform now.

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