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Join Mosaicoon at Videomakeroftheyear - only 2 days left!


We are counting down to Videomakeroftheyear, a unique festival in Italy that will gather  videomakers and directors from all over Europe, but also screenwriters, actors and experts in social and digital media to discuss the increasingly important role that video plays in digital communication.

The event will take place on the 14th and 15th of March at the IULM university in Milan: the program features speeches, workshops and the award ceremony for the best videomakers of the past year in 15 video categories, ranging from short films to animated videos, documentaries and web series.

Mosaicoon will hold the workshop Mosaicoon Creator Training – features and benefits of the video content marketing platform: Alessandra and Lucia from our Video Acquisition Team will explain how our technology has transformed the production of video ads, opening up new monetization opportunities for videographers while simplifying the relationship between those who create videos and those who buy them.

Will you join us for the event? Don’t miss this opportunity to know more about our model:  you will get firsthand information and advice from professionals who work with video creators and top brands from all over the world. You will also learn from the experience of who is already earning money through the platform.

Online accreditations are closed, but you can sign up for free at the event desk and purchase tickets for the workshops.

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