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Earning with original videos and their derived versions


Creators on Mosaicoon can monetize videos in different ways: they can upload an original project and sell it as-is, add Custom Options and allow brands to request changes, and also be available to produce new versions (which are useful in case brands need episodic content or ask for adaptations that require substantial production and/or post-production work, such as Light Product Placement). Custom Options and video versions are value-added services for which Creators are free to set a price, increasing their chances to earn money without having to sacrifice the simplicity of the process.

Thanks to these options, videos by different Creators can be chosen for the same campaign: Carillo, for example, chose on Mosaicoon projects made by Creators from Portugal and Italy and used them to promote their Reevèr collection of home textiles.

Meet Riccardo and Nico

Riccardo Fasoli is an Italian video maker who’s lived and worked in Düsseldorf for many years now; he produced Vietnam, a visually striking video that perfectly conveys the concept of “colors of the earth”. His content was chosen and then branded with motion-graphics covers in the opening and closing parts of the video.

Nico Guedes, who lives and works in Lisbon, had uploaded on Mosaicoon Girl Attitude, telling the story of a young, free-spirited woman. He made two versions of this video upon request, which were also branded through animated covers to include the claim “express your creativity with the magic of Reevèr’s collections”.

The three videos were then distributed online through a Facebook campaign

Here’s what Nico told us:

“It was great to produce and sell two videos so easily and quickly to a foreign brand, starting from my original idea. I think Mosaicoon really simplifies the production process and improves a video makers’ relationship with clients: less reworks and more creativity is a great deal for both buyers and sellers on the platform”.

It was a positive experience for Riccardo, too:

“With Mosaicoon I turned travel footage made just for passion into a social video that brands could be interested in buying – and that’s what actually happened! I love the fact that Carillo’s message integrates smoothly with the mood and the idea of the video, and I appreciate the extra-visibility gained through online distribution. It’s a good way to promote my work and open a new revenue stream.”

Did you make a video that follows Mosaicoon’s guidelines? Upload it to the platform, add Custom Options and cash in.

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