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The videographer’s dilemma: finding a balance between passion and profits


Working as a freelance videographer allows you to choose the projects to work on. This is a privilege, but it might also turn into some sort of a burden.

The best case is when you deal with a fantastic client commissioning a well-paid and interesting project; unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that often. Especially when starting up, you’ll find yourself evaluating briefs that are not exactly your thing, or working for budgets that are way lower than you expected.

So how can you keep your passion alive while being able to pay the bills? Which projects are really worth your commitment?

How to balance creative fulfillment and revenues

Since you chose to be a videographer (that is, a creative professional), sometimes you might have trouble reaching compromises with clients. You surely are most passionate about certain types of videos, and you might prefer working on those because “they don’t feel like work”. These projects are important, as they sustain your motivation and help you define your professional identity. However, they may not come as easily and frequently as needed to make your business sustainable. Also, they could be less profitable than other projects that are less engaging – but also less complex, so why shouldn’t you give them a try?

If you want to turn your passion for video production into a real career, you will have to make decisions that allow you to pay for expenses (yours and those of any collaborators), and build long-term financial stability.

Tips to make more video projects you enjoy

Passion and prestige are essential, but it is equally essential to consider if and how much your work is repaid. Some projects may not fully inspire you, but still be profitable and allow you to finance your own independent productions. In other words, you should manage to create a virtuous circle between what you must do and what you love doing.

Besides commission work, the digital environment offers new and exciting opportunities to earn with videos: one example is the possibility to monetize video views on YouTube through the insertion of ads, although it might take a long time for you to see significant results, especially if you’re not devoted full-time to promoting your channel.

A quicker alternative for monetizing video content is provided by Mosaicoon: the platform allows you to showcase original videos to brands all over the world, increasing your chances to sell them. You can start right now, producing and uploading creative content that can be used by brands for their online communication. You could also take videos you’ve already made but never sold, and make them commercially appealing through cuts or post-production editing.

Let’s make an example.

Usually, the best-selling videos on Mosaicoon are the shorter ones, specifically designed for social networks. But all those hours of high definition footage you shot during your last trip to Thailand are not wasted! Select and cut the most interesting parts and edit them to create a short video, adding curious facts about the places you’ve visited with catchy overlay texts.This way, you will have respected the platform’s video guidelines, and you will have made a video that is easier to sell with little effort.

There are many other ways to take advantage of video material you already shot, or to produce new videos with low budget and quality output: keep yourself up to date with the posts on the Mosaicoon Blog, and find resources and tips on how to maximize your chances of selling videos online.

To get started:
– check if you are already making these mistakes while running your video production business
– learn how to exploit the branded video content trend
– make better social-first videos (here are some ideas for vertical ones)
– discover how to produce engaging videos with the rule of reactions
– meet videographers like you who are selling videos to top brands like Unilever, Toyota and Land Rover through Mosaicoon.


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