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How to make videos that speak for themselves


Videos with no actors or voiceovers are literally spreading on social networks. This happens because people watch videos on digital channels while on the move and without volume, thus this type of content is in high demand by brands and publishers for their online communication.

But there is also another reason, which has to deal with the possibility of reducing production times and costs.

In fact, videos without audible speech are easier and cheaper to produce, as:

  • they do not need good performers or dubbers;
  • the script is simplified (a detailed outline can be enough);
  • it is possible to create different versions of the same video with a “light” post-production (modifying overlay texts, for example, in order to adapt the content to different countries, targets or channels).

Videographers interested in monetizing videos online can take advantage of these characteristics: with some good ideas and a bit of creative spark, it is possible to produce low-budget content that is easy to sell to brands for their social media channels, without sacrificing final quality and the impact of the communication.

Among the “videos that speak for themselves”, those that transform the absence of one or more voices into a creative lever or a point of strength are usually the ones that perform best.

Let’s see some examples.

Split-screen videos

By splitting the screen into two side-by-side portions, you can tell different parts of a story simultaneously, represent cause-effect or before-after links, or compare alternative developments of the same story.

How to make videos that don’t need speech | Mosaicoon Lab

Make Health Last. What will your last 10 years look like? – Heart and Stroke Foundation on YouTube

Video with overlay texts

An overlay text track can scan the story and effectively replace the narrating voice.

How to make videos that don’t need speech | Mosaicoon Lab

Glowing coral under the sea – Quartz YouTube channel

Overlay text may also serve other creative purposes (we’ve already covered this topic here).

Videos that capture the eye

A story can be told through shapes, colors and movement; inspirational videos can also do without a real story, still managing to keep the viewers glued to the screen through eye-catching visual elements.

How to make videos that don’t need speech | Mosaicoon Lab

NAILMATIC “Finger Snaps” by Teddy Delcroix on Vimeo


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