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3 good reasons to produce videos with text-overlay


Most of the videos that we see on the Internet include text overlay: the reason is related to storytelling, to the characteristics of digital media (especially those of social networks) and to effective communication.

If you are willing to sell videos online, there are at least 3 good reasons why you should produce them utilizing text overlay.

# 1: texts acts as a “bridge” between ideas and images

The videos that work best on social networks are the shorter ones (under 1 minute): when you need to communicate through numbers (for example if you are introducing statistics or data related to a phenomenon), text overlay can help you stress key concepts quickly and effectively. In videos with voice-over or natural sounds, added text helps focus the viewer’s  attention on specific messages. Overlays and subtitles can also be used creatively, to produce ironic or paradoxical effects: for example, consider the videos in which the subtitles convey a message that’s different from that of the original audio (because it’s softened, or exaggerated), or those in which the additional texts creates new layers of meaning.

2 #: texts replace audio

On Facebook and Instagram, video posts are set in sound-off by default: this is because users often watch them on the go and/or in contexts where the absence of volume avoids embarrassing situations (in the workplace, on public transport or in the waiting room of a doctor, to give some examples). In such cases, text overlay allows you to follow the thread of the story and capture the video message without the need for dialogues or for a narrative voice.

3 #: texts can make a content multilingual

If your video has dialogues, spoken parts or a voiceover in a certain language, you can add  English subtitles to serve it to an international audience. You could even consider adding subtitles in multiple languages, upon request. It is a fairly light post-production intervention, but it can greatly increase the possibility of monetizing videos.

In conclusion: adding text overlay to your videos can make them more interesting and easier to sell.

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