“How I sold two videos to Land Rover”: Andrea’s experience with Mosaicoon

“How I sold two videos to Land Rover”: Andrea’s experience with Mosaicoon


The more a Creator uploads videos to Mosaicoon, the higher his chances to sell: ask Andrea, a Sicilian freelance videomaker who had already sold videos to Payback through the platform. Two more of his videos were recently used by Land Rover to increase awareness in Italy on the new SUV Discovery Sport.

The video originally uploaded by Andrea was already designed for an optimal consumption on social media: in fact, it was short, it caught the viewers’ attention from the very first seconds and could be enjoyed with sound off.
Land Rover requested two versions of it, which were produced, branded and delivered by Andrea in less than two weeks thanks to the process optimizations of the Mosaicoon solution. The videos were then distributed on Facebook, reaching more than 2 million people and obtaining over 920,000 views.

We asked Andrea a comment on his recent experience. Here’s what he told us:

“Mosaicoon keeps offering me opportunities to work independently and to monetize videos in parallel with commission work. Versions and Custom Options are a great compromise between the customers’ customization needs and my creative freedom; I can deliver branded videos in a very short time, optimizing resources. Not to mention that a top customer like Land Rover would have been very difficult to reach by a freelance video maker like me! “

If you know how to develop content that works on social networks, you can immediately start selling videos online: if you are not registered, request access to Mosaicoon and then upload your projects.

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