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Producing videos for social media with the rule of reactions


If you follow the Mosaicoon blog, you should already be thinking about how to produce new videos to sell as branded content.

The first question to answer is: “what type of video should I make?”

Choosing the right topic is a crucial step in the production process, and it greatly affects your chances of making money with videos. For this reason, you shouldn’t rely on gut instinct, nor be guided exclusively by your personal interests. Always keep in mind that your goal is to sell videos to brands. Brands, in turn, have the goal of communicating with specific targets on social media, in particular through Facebook and Instagram.

As a result, to monetize videos more easily you’ll need to consider which contents works best on these channels, and how users interact.

Choosing the topic of a video with Facebook Reactions

Unlike Instagram, where you can only measure a post’s success through the number of “hearts” it scores, on Facebook the available range of Reactions gives you information not only on the most engaging contents, but also on why these contents work.

A recent research by Buzzsumo highlights the most popular reactions to videos:

Producing videos for social media with the rule of reactions | Mosaicoon LabThe graph clearly shows that the dominant emotions related to videos are Haha and Love: this information is precious, especially while looking for the subject of a new video. Find ways to make users laugh, tell a moving  story or one that strikes the chords of romance. Your chances of selling videos to brands will increase.

Four reactions, four types of videos

Aside from Facebook, the most successful videos online usually fall into one of the following genres.

#1: Entertainment

These videos cause a smile or a laugh in those who watch them. When people come across funny content, they are naturally driven to share it with someone who might appreciate it. Humorous content is thus a good way to succeed on social media, and can be greatly appreciated by brands for its viral potential.

Producing videos for social media with the rule of reactions | Mosaicoon Lab

When Mama Isn’t Home by Jess Conte on YouTube

The downside: not everyone is able to make fun content. Humour is also highly subjective. If you want to shoot a comic sketch, make sure you have an experienced director, a good producer and talented actors. As an alternative, avoid dialogue and recited parts.

#2: Infotainment

This content provides instructions on how to do something, information on interesting topics or details on relevant matters. Product how-to’s are a  typical example, but a higher engagement rate is usually achieved with branded video content that provides value in ‘useful’ areas of life, to which a brand can align.

Waking up early by Just Marìa (from the Mosaicoon catalog)

Smart tip: if you let your creativity flow, you can make quality infotainment videos even with low production budgets. For example, try to revisit the classic recipe format by adding a touch of irony or a visually striking production technique, or create animated infographics on subjects that are weird or related to socially relevant causes.

#3: Experimental

This category includes videos that catch the viewer’s attention for visual or formal aspects related to art direction, experimental production techniques and/or to an artistic or creative use of sounds and music. They are usually appreciated by a sophisticated audience, and thus perform particularly well if associated with high-end brands (tech, fashion, automotive, luxury).
Producing videos for social media with the rule of reactions | Mosaicoon Lab

Experimental Japan by David Lee on Vimeo

Warning: similar to fun videos, these are also “risky”! If you don’t have the proper  equipment or advanced production skills, we suggest you to try with a different video genre. If you want to make money with videos, you’d  better exploit your strengths!

#4: Inspirational

These videos play with the audience’s emotions and reflect their desires and ambitions. To make them work, you must be very empathetic and connect with the viewers’ aspirations and values that can be associated with a brand. For example, you can satisfy the desire for escape by showing footage from exotic landscapes (for a brand in the travel industry), or provide motivation to change through the experience of successful people (for a brand that deals with personal development, or with the recruitment of specialized personnel).

Producing videos for social media with the rule of reactions | Mosaicoon Lab

Find Your Greatness by Nike

Must-have: an emotional story with a strong impact. The narrating voice must be credible and engaging, whether or not it belongs to a character in the video. If it isn’t, you’d better bet on a good copy for text overlay.

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