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Useful tips for vertical videos


For over a hundred years, videos have been horizontal by definition.

Vertical videos were born as a result of consumer habits, rather than being a conscious stylistic choice. Smartphone owner tend to use this format due to the design of the device, thus more often than not they don’t rotate the screen before starting to record a video.
For this reason, vertical videos have long been labeled by professional videomakers as “amateur stuff”. At first, social platforms were strident: on YouTube, for example, it was not possible to upload vertical videos, and the early versions of the app did not even allow videos if the phone wasn’t held horizontally.

However, things are rapidly changing: a large share of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat users watch videos mainly via mobile, and studies show that vertical videos perform much better than those with horizontal ratios. Now that social platforms are starting to encourage vertical viewing, the 9:16 format is becoming a full-fledged standard, both from a technical and a creative point of view; a standard on which brands are investing part of their communication budget.

As a consequence, videomakers with strong vertical shooting skills will have new opportunities to monetize videos. And as you’ll see, verticality can be exploited to create interesting and high-impact videos, even without big production budgets.

Some things just weren’t meant for horizontal: inspiration for vertical videos

Any subject that must be observed or understood from top to bottom, from bottom to top, or in a relationship of distance / closeness can be fully enhanced with a vertical video. There are many examples also in nature, from the rising and setting sun to the motion of a falling apple. The human body itself is vertical: we are taller than wide  (and the proportion also applies to the human face).

Here are some practical examples for finding vertical inspiration.

#1: Vertical architectural features

Useful Tips for Vertical Videos | Mosaicoon Lab
The Flat Iron Building, NYC | Source: Flickr

#2: Movement from top to bottom


Useful tips for vertical videos | Mosaicoon Lab

IMPACT | Bluearth Production

#3: Creative tilt of spatial coordinates, with unveiling effect

Useful tips for vertical videos | Mosaicoon Lab

TILT – a vertical short film | Fred Cavender

#4: Scrolling of objects and other vertical elements (a reference from the Mosaicoon catalog)

Shape Variation | Tanello Production

The examples above show that the vertical format is not always a limit, and that it can even become the hallmark of a video.

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