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From commercials to branded video content: the future of commercial filmmaking


On digital channels, people have multiple options to bypass the vision of commercials – from ad blockers to other on-site skipping features.

While video continues to be the most effective format for web advertising, persuading Internet users to watch an ad until the end (and perhaps to catch the message a brand wants to convey) is not an easy task.
Being aware of that, brands are increasingly leveraging indicators such as the
completion rate (that is the percentage of people who, compared to the total of those who have clicked “play”, have seen the full content) to measure the success of their communication.

In an era in which advertising investments on the web have surpassed TV, branded video  content is the advertising format people are enjoying and interacting with the most.

Let’s go into more detail and see how videomakers can take advantage of this trend.

What branded video content is

The category “branded video content” includes a wide variety of videos, different in terms of genre, length and artistic direction.

To define it simply, branded video content is any form of video advertising in which the creative content “comes first” and has the utmost importance; the brand can create an association with that content secondarily, because it shares its mood, values, story or morals. The content, which should be ideally designed for a specific audience, acquires value from the association with the brand, and in turn the image of the brand is strengthened and reconfirmed by the association with that content.

One of the most famous cases is that of Red Bull, which for years has been sponsoring extreme sports videos becoming synonymous with a daring, adventurous lifestyle.

Why branded video content is so successful

Authenticity is rewarded, thus brands adapt by building genuine relationships with consumers through storytelling. That’s why branded video content works so well: researches show that it is perceived “less as advertising” and more as informative, original and engaging content. As a consequence, people consciously choose to watch it, even if it’s linked to promotional messages.

How video makers can surf the trend

Branded video content gives videographers the opportunity to work on creative projects without the traditional restrictions of marketing videography.

In order to be chosen to become branded content, a video should tell an engaging story or provide inspiration, motivation or information to the viewer.

If you decide to use Mosaicoon to monetize your videos and you want to create content that brands want to sponsor, make sure to:

  • develop a credible, eye-catching story
  • ask yourself: “if I saw this on social networks, would I share it?” (and proceed only if the answer is “yes”)
  • imagine the context in which the video will be watched: it is likely that the  brand that chooses to sponsor your content will spread it on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, so shoot accordingly (eg. producing content that can be enjoyed on the go, perhaps with sound off, and using a mobile-first format)
  • avoid showing branded objects or any other visual reference that explicitly recalls a brand (logos, writings, icons and similar)
  • if it doesn’t deter from the story, provide spaces in which a product can be inserted afterward, as naturally as possible and without removing the  authenticity of the original idea
  • follow Mosaicoon’s video production guidelines

…and happy shooting!