How Mosaicoon helped Alessandro sell videos online to a top brand


Every brand needs a great video to tell a story, and every skilled videographer can manage to monetize video content.

Nevertheless, freelancers know that it is very  difficult to sell videos to big brands, as the latter are hard to reach, reluctant working with independent professionals rather than with an agency they trust, and very demanding.

Alessandro, a freelance video maker from Rome (Italy), is aware of the problem; he subscribed to Mosaicoon to test a new way to sell videos online. He was looking for an added chance for video monetization: he liked the idea of expressing his creativity more freely, not having to stay within the strict boundaries of a brief.

The video he uploaded on the platform is an example of easily saleable content: it respected Mosaicoon’s guidelines, the footage was professionally shot (while still being produced on a budget) and it conveyed a message of love and care that could appeal to brands from different industries.

From personal project to advertising campaign

Alessandro’s bet was highly repaid: Unilever, the global consumer goods company, spotted his video on the platform and decided to use it for an awareness-raising web campaign for the Fissan brand. Alessandro was asked to deliver a branded version of the video, plus to shoot and brand two more videos based on the same creative idea.

What started as a personal project quickly turned into a successful advertising campaign, which generated 700,000 views in 17 days.

A whole new way to sell videos online

No pitches, no endless reworks, guaranteed payments and earned visibility. This is how Alessandro commented his experience with Mosaicoon.

“Mosaicoon’s model is very interesting: it allowed me to be creative and opened real professional opportunities.”

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