Sell video content online: learn from Tommaso!


Production tip: tell a simple story catching the viewers’ eye, and you will increase the chances to sell a video. A lesson learned through the experience of Tommaso, a brilliant video maker subscribed to Mosaicoon.

One of the first videos uploaded by Tommaso on Mosaicoon was chosen by Toyota, the leading Japanese automotive manufacturer,

to raise awareness of Toyota Aygo among a young target audience in Italy.

The original video, titled “Forever Young”, shows an old man having fun with youthful outfits. The creative concept (being young at heart in spite of one’s age) is simple and straightforward; the watcher’s attention is focused on the protagonist, who’s refreshing his look in few moves.

Since Tommaso followed most of Mosaicoon’s best practices and was available to provide Custom Options on his project, he could sell video content through the platform more easily: he was asked to shoot three videos similar to the one he originally uploaded (Rocker, Rapper and Hipster), changing the character’s style from one video to the other and adding Branding Options to each of them.

Toyota used the videos as web ads for a successful campaign, hitting 700,000 views on Facebook and Instagram; moreover, Rapper was featured among the top trending videos on YouTube.

Tommaso’s comment:
“A smart way to deliver content. I’m having a great experience and I’m always happy with the result. The work is well organized, in a practical, accurate and fast way.”

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