Creativity meets data | SONAR™ – First Edition

No one knows how to produce a great video better than you but we’d like to give you some tips to monetize it as soon as possibile.

To be bought from a Brand, good content might be not enough. It’s crucial to know market needs, so you can propose the right content at the right time.

This alchemy is hard to build and for this reason Mosaicoon developed Sonar™: a software that enables the match between Creators and their ideal Brands.

By analyzing how more than 200 Top Brands communicate online, scanning 140.000 contents, 16.000 videos and 1 million keywords, we’ve elaborated 5.000 Tags that represent their main values.

Here are the 5 Top Tags we identified for you:

Based on Sonar™ data, these are the main Tags that Brands communicate on Social Network for the next 30 days through video contents.

Keep them in mind while producing your content, so that you can increase the chances that  Brands choose and buy your video.

How can you use these Tags?

If you are an Action Videos specialist, for example, don’t give up on your style but try to produce content that could be consistent with one or more tags.

If you already have a video, start a project now.

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