If you want to create a new video for the Mosaicoon platform and get noticed by top brands, you will find these tips handy before and during your next production.

We know making a brillant video requires times and resources. That’s why we have designed this guide: it will help you reduce risks and costs, and increase your sales potential on the platform.

Creating a perfect video for digital marketing

There are lots of great videos on the web, but not all are suitable for a brand’s digital campaign.

In facts, videos that succeed on the Mosaicoon platform share some key features:

They are very short (less than 60 seconds)

Grabbing a user’s attention on social networks is hard: shorter videos have proven to have better performances. Especially when the user interest is aroused from the very first frame.

They tell simple stories

Videos with too many messages or stories end up confusing the audience. Videos with clear and focused stories or messages usually win.

One, single concept: for example, the “Mirror” video above passes a simple message and focuses on a single concept – comparison.

The “Fast Trip” video above uses an idea that is easy to represent but still visually appealing.

They employ less or no words

Videos that gain attention through intriguing motion pictures and can be enjoyed with sound off.

They are industry-oriented

Videos that are focused on a specific industry or area such as: Fashion, Technology, Love, Food. e.t.c.

As an example. video tutorials and how-tos are trending on the fashion brands’ social channels: the one above features some simple tips to have a stylish look .

They follow market trends

Videos that focus on web trends, hot topics and sales trends provided by Mosaicoon.


The secret to making quality videos on a low budget is to focus on ideas and creativity. A concept can be developed and communicated in several ways without the need for a huge production budget.

Check out the video below. Cool, right? The video maker has not employed the use of actors or dialogues, which equals less production budget. The idea is presented in a very simple and creative way, cutting down production cost but still passing a meaningful message that brands will want to buy. You don’t need to have a badass cinematography experience or invest in top-notch cameras to make a great video, what you need is to put on your thinking cap and get creative!

Exploiting the trend of low-cost comedy sketches, this video shows how different people approach the same thing. As you can see, you don’t need to be Woody Allen to make fun content!

A heart-felt topic as happiness is made simple through a real, authentic interview. This could be a good way to make a video leveraging your experience as a reporter.

You’d like to produce a video for Mosaicoon, but you still have some doubts?

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