On Mosaicoon you can upload professional-grade videos for which you hold all the licenses, in order to sell them to brands.


Apart from being creative and interesting, your video must meet the following basic standards to be added to Mosaicoon’s catalog:

Ready to market: a video project must be completed and ready for sale.

Not Branded: the goal of every video project is to be catchy and suitable for the brands’ promotional needs. Therefore, a video must be free from any advertising content or references to brands. It must also avoid contents that can be offensive or deal with controversial subjects.

Video Rights: you must have all rights and required licenses to sell the video for a complete use and distribution – with no time limit – on these channels: “Web & digital”, “Web ad”, “Corporate” and “Store”. Read more about rights and licenses here.

Never Sold: a video must never have been used for commercial purposes, sold or sponsored.

Maximum Length: a video must not exceed 5 minutes.
N.B. Shorter videos are more easily selected by the Brands because they can be distributed on all platforms.

No credits: do not include opening or closing credits in the video.

Exclusivity: videos may not be originally produced for the Mosaicoon platform. You can maintain your video on your website/online portfolio and/or on other platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube. You can even monetize it based on views up until it is purchased by a Brand from the Mosaicoon platform.

For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions.


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