You’ve probably read about the basic standard we require to add your video to our catalogue. If not, read it here.

Now, we will be giving you a couple of hints on how to effectively use the ‘Workspace’. The Workspace is where you upload your video.


  1. Accessing the Workspace

    To access the workspace, you will need to login to the platform and click on the ‘Start a Project’ button on the header section. *Note that you need to have initially requested access here to acquire login details.

Once you’re in, you will have four main sections to fill up:

  • About the project (allows you to specify what your video is about)
  • Additional info (allows you to categorize your video so it’s easy to find)
  • Production details (allows you to set the video price, Branding Options and Custom Options)
  • Produce new versions (allows you to turn on the option of producing new videos that are similar to the one you uploaded, if requested by a brand)

Visit our Support Center to learn more about these sections.

  1. Uploading the cover picture: dos & don’ts

You can use the cover picture to make your video stand out and make brands notice you.  

Make sure you always include the project’s title in the cover picture, setting it in the center of the frame: everything should be designed to be clear and  captivating. You can use a frame of your video as the cover’s background, provided that it doesn’t affect the text readability. Also, no white backgrounds, please (as they would merge with the background of our catalog).

The images selected for the cover must not contain copyright material of third parties, or subject to third party’s ownership rights (including privacy rights or publication rights).

  1. File specs for pictures and videos

Only upload files that respect the following requirements:


– Format: jpg.

– Size: 1280×720 px.

– Weight: max 1 Mb.


– Video Format: 1920×1080 / h264 / .mp4 / progressive /square pixels.

– Weight of the video: max 400 Mb.

  1. What to include in the description

Play your cards right when filling up the “Description” field: it’s a great occasion to convince potential customers to become actual ones.
Try to be brief, clearly explaining the message of your video and its creative points of strength. In a separate paragraph, describe the techniques you have used. It’s like telling a story: you want your audience to understand what happened, but you also need to keep them engaged (or they’ll leave before you end).

  1. Uploading projects with more than one video: yes, you can

If you want to upload a web series or any other projects consisting of multiple videos, add episodes using the dedicated field.

You can add a tailored cover picture and a title for each episode.
Please notice that the platform doesn’t allow to display episodes on the video project page, at the moment, but they can be showcased when the project is included in a collection and shared in presentation mode.


  1. Setting the price

4 things to remember:
– the price you set for your video is the amount you will be paid when a video is sold as-is (remember that the cost of the branding process is included);
– for each custom option you set, you specify an additional price (customers will pay the extra-price for each option they decide to buy)
– when you select the “Produce new versions”option, you set a flat rate for one new video to be produced from scratch, that might include the related customizations you’ve set
– Mosaicoon will deduct a transaction fee from the total price of your project (video price + price of any additional custom option the customer shall buy): notice that the fee is currently set to 0%. This percentage will be maintained until further notice.


What happens when my video is uploaded?

Your video will be reviewed and, once approved, published on the platform. We will keep you updated through e-mail notifications.

Note: if you make changes to a video initially approved and published, it will go back to pending approval before going online again.